The Voyage Down South

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Two summers ago, I took a trip   down to the other hemisphere. My plan was to start in Buenos Aires in Argentina, make my way to Uruguay, drive over to San Carlos de Bariloche on the border of Chile, and finally loop around to the Tierra de Fuego. For the first leg of this journey, I started at the LAX airport. I found my way to the international terminal and to my plane (LAN Chile). Once I boarded, I was immediately greeted with so many refreshing pre flight snacks, and the dinner was even better! This airline proves the stereotype of airplane food to be false. I made a quick stop in Lima, Peru where I switched planes and continued on to Buenos Aires (this time in a much smaller plane).  I got there late at night, got lost at the airport, and then again downtown, but after a long night I had finally found my place. I was staying at a friends apartment in the heart of downtown. The next morning, we got up early to go into town. We got some breakfast at a local pastry shop, and took a stroll through the park. We stopped at the art museum and saw some lovely Picassos. Afterwards we had a quick fix for lunch and made our way to the science museum. We topped out day off with an awesome light show at the planetarium. It was a busy day, but a good day!


Best airline ever!


Phenomenal airplane food



My friends’ apartment





A lovely lunch


The planetarium at the Science museum


The Rock…of Gibraltar


Rock of Gibraltar, Spain


A while back my Family and I took a trip down to the south of Spain. We jumped around places from Córdoba to Malaga and Marbella and even to the old roman town of Ronda. But one hot morning we decided to spice things up. We packed up the car and drove as far south as the Mediterranean peninsula goes.. to the Rock of Gibraltar. It was funky since Gibraltar is technically British territory, even though it was completely surrounded by Spain. We switched our currency at the local bank and hiked around the peninsula.  Along  our hikes, we learned that Gibraltar actually has a lot of history. Gibraltar was not only used during World War 2, but was inhabited by English monkeys that weren’t native to the Island. We also found our way to a opera house in a cave! After we finished hiking, we went into the little town of Gibraltar and got us some lunch. We all got gazpacho (a classic Spanish dish) and some tapas. After lunch we walked around the shops for a few more hours and then decided to head out.  Driving into Gibraltar was very strange because you have to pass a runway to get their.  Regardless, it was a very exciting day!

what’s your favorite exotic dish?



The peak of Gibraltar


Some people actually live on the rock!


Driving across the runway


Inside the rock opera


English monkeys on Gibraltar

From Seattle to Vancouver and a stop in Whistler

Whistler, BC


Views from the drive to Whistler


Out of everywhere I have traveled in the world, I would have to say my favorite place is a little place about three hours north of Seattle and another hour and a half from Vancouver is the town of Whistler. Until recently, Whistler has been a secret of British Columbia, however with the massive popularity of Whistler Blackcomb (and the fact that it was ranked the number one ski resort in the world) it was extremely busy once we got there…even off season! However, the drive up to Whistler was just a beautiful if not more beautiful than Whistler itself.(however I would highly recommend a sea plane ride to get a real feel for the beauty of the place.)Anyways, once we got there, we took  the ski lift up the mountain and hiked around the top for quite some time. We had lots of fun playing in the snow during the summer! We also explored the village of Whistler, which had lots to offer, my favorite of which was this Mongolian restaurant. By the time it was time to leave, I couldn’t wait to come back.


What’s was your favorite car trip?


The base of Blackcomb mountain


Some fly fishing


the catch of the day


At the top of the mountain

The many islands of Seattle

Tillicum Village, Seattle Washington

Seattle is known for many things: it’s iconic Space Needle, the Pike Place fish market, Mount. Rainier, even the first Starbucks. Although many people overlook the natural beauty that is nearly a 25 minute ferry ride into the bay. Seattle’s bay is sprinkled with many tiny Islands, some of which have turned into tourist attractions. One of which is Tillicum Village. Right as you get off the ferry, there is a large building that houses quite the array of local indian traditions, including dances and festive meals.


However, I would also highly recommend taking a jog around the island. It’s definitely not a hard run, but the beauty of it all might take your breath away. My favorite memory was running through the incredibly thick fog, surrounded by luscious conifers that touched the sky. I was surrounded by beauty, and was overcome with awe. If you are looking for a quick escape from the city, I would highly recommend Tillicum Village!


Beginning my run into the unknown


Surrounded by so many plants!!

the Best Kept Secret of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Back Country

Although Santa Barbara is mostly known for it’s city or endless beaches, many people overlook the expansive, and quite possibly even more fun back country. You’ll usually find me biking or jogging up Gibraltar road until the switch backs eventually turn into dusty trails. If you make it far enough back you’ll see a completely different group of people; mountain climbers, geologists, hang gliders, mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The ride from the beach all the way to the top takes about four hours, so I like to leave around six in the morning to make it to the top before the sun is too hot. My favorite part is getting to watch the sunrise as I bike my way up, and once you fly back down the mountain, the beaches are already backed and the day hasn’t even started. Personally, I prefer the mountains of Santa Barbara more than the busy State Street or the hot beaches because amidst the physical stress of making it to the top, there is a special feeling of calm that love.


A group of rock climbers beginning to repel


A climber sending a route


A beautiful day for paragliding

A quick dip in lake Saimaa



This past summer I took a trip to the beautiful part of the world called Scandinavia. I started in southern Finland in the city of Helsinki. About a five hour drive north to Lapland took us through some of the worlds most beautiful lakes. On our way north, we decided to stop and take a dip in the lake at our friends’ lake house. We only planned to stay the day, but the sheer beauty of the lake kept us there for days. Our days consisted of getting up for early morning fishing, boating to the other lake villages, or just relaxing in the Finnish saunas(fun fact: saunas were invented in Finland and nearly every family owns their own and nearly three fourths of the population has their own lake house to reside in during the long summers). I ended up spending my entire time at that lake, and quite honestly, I don’t regret anything.

Life takes you surprise. What’s one of your most memorable unexpected trips?


One of the lakes harbor


Another lake village


The water was incredibly blue, but insanely cold!

An end to everything good


Making our way back


day eleven

Today was our final stretch. Although it was going to be a mostly flat hike, it was also going to be the longest. We planned out our route one last time, packed up breakfast, said goodbye to the deer and porcupines and hiked through the thick foliage. It was truly a beautiful last hike.


Beautiful last hike


You really don’t have to be on the top of the mountain to experience the true beatify of what the outdoors has to offer. We all talked about going home and our warm beds and some good steak. Oats are good, don’t get me wrong, but I think we could all go for some good all steak! The time flew as we reminisced about our journeys. In the way,  we had to cross a major river, but there was a sketchy ice bridge. Thankfully it worked out and no one died. We easily surpassed all of the fatigue we had and before we knew it we were back where started. Base camp. It was only three o’clock so we just hung out, told stories and relaxed. Making it back to base camp was the most fufilling experience I have ever had! Tomorrow we would all go back to the airport and go back to the different places we started from.


One last river crossing


This was definitely the best time of my life, and I can’t wait for my next adventure!


‘Till next time!